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Below is a brief of the projects we have planned for the near future, exciting times ahead!
Glass Half
In this fun cartoon short we explore NPR Rendering and motion graphics production.
Character Department
Oct '15: A new section around the Blenrig character rigging tool, many tutorials and ready to use characters.
Caminandes Xmas edition
Dec '15: The Llama is back! And we'll pick up work on Cycles, Asset managing and Shot Management.
Asset Libraries
Dec '15: A huge public domain Texture Library and a CC-BY Character Library, ready to animate.
Shot Management
Q1 '16: Attract shot management tool available for subscribers.
Project Management
Q3 '16: Versioning and storage available for subscribers.
Cosmos Laundromat
Production of the 2nd Cycle for Cosmos Laundromat will start when we hit 4K subscribers.
Blender Development
Blender Institute will host the core team working on the 2.8 Workflow project.

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