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The iconic Blender Institute Open Movies are available on the Blender Cloud, featuring all the production files, assets, artwork, and never-seen-before content.

High Quality Assets

From fully rigged characters ready to animate to an Art Gallery curated by Gleb Alexandrov, access top quality blendfiles to learn new techniques and improve your art.

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Complete Training Series

Character modeling, 3D printing, VFX, rigging and more. We offer 12 complete training series with +100 hours of training. The list is constantly expanding, and past content is kept up to date.

Exclusive Production Insights

Watch the original authors of shots breaking it down into a detailed explanation and share their insight in the production process. Watch animation reviews, narrated timelapses, shot walk-throughs.

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Texture Browser Add-On

Access the Blender Cloud Textures library from within Blender using our exclusive add-on. Create, manage and share your own texture libraries!

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Personal Projects
Create and manage your own private, personal projects. Upload assets and collaborate with other Blender Cloud members.
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A restless team of artists and developers
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Blender Institute

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ton RoosendaalCEO Blender Foundation. Producer Blender Institute

The Netherlands

Francesco SiddiPipeline Tools & Back-end Web Development


Pablo VázquezLighting, Rendering. Front-end Web Development


Andy GoralczykShading, Lighting, Rendering, FX


Hjalti HjálmarssonAnimation. Layout Artist.


Sergey SharybinBlender & Cycles Core Developer


Sybren StüvelBlender Cloud Developer

The Netherlands

Online Collaborators

Contributing to Blender Cloud from all over the globe.

Gleb AlexandrovLighting & Shading


David RevoyIllustrator & Concept Artist


Juan Pablo BouzaRigging


Bassam KurdaliRigging & Pipeline

United States

Sebastian KönigVFX

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