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7 Great Assets That Might Have Passed Under The Radar
04 Jul 2016 (updated 05 Jul 2016) | by Andy Goralczyk
Every month a wealth of files get added to the Cloud, so naturally some less recent or more obscure additions might pass by unnoticed. Especially during our own Blender Institute projects, lots of useful bits of knowledge tend to be added in the weekly presentation folders. We dug deep, in this post we highlight some of our recent finds! ##[Rigged BluRay case]( Ever had to do a product presentation and you had spend hours to look for a free case model online (and then rig it... make materials... assign textures... boooring)? Manu Järvinnen did all the work for you so you can spend more time on fun stuff! For Cosmos Laundromat he modeled, rigged and textured a highly detailed BluRay case. Amazing, check it out! [![image](]( ##[Cute space assets]( Pablo Vazquez modeled these adorable little bits for Glass Half. You might have seen them popping up in the Featured Assets section but here they are again, just because. We would love to see a bedroom wallpaper design with these, cuteness! [![image](]( ##[Break through a wall]( Kjartan Tysdal shows us a great way to fracture a wall and use the Blender Game Engine to add dynamics. Now you can of course use the build-in [Rigid Body Physics system]( and save some time. Still, great tutorial! [![image](]( ##[Sintel Production schedule]( A big part of the producer's job is to plan and help steer a team of talented people towards a goal in the least amount of time. Whenever you're faced with a new group of people the first question is, how much time does making this thing take? You can get a very rough idea by looking at other people's planning work. Sintel's schedule was a challenging and arduous feat. Must see, now! [![image](]( ##[Smiley hairs]( Because, smiles! [![image](]( ##[Shot walkthrough of 01_2a]( During any type of production there are a number of challenging shots you might be face to work with, solve and eventually overcome. And then there's the big ones, the ones that keep you awake at night wondering! 01_2a was an amazing colaboration between Roman Volodin (rotoscoping, masking) and Sebastian König (Tracking, Lighting, Compositing). Sebastian guides you through their steps from start to finish - seems easy, right?! [![image](]( ##[Character Modeling Documentation for Cosmos Laundromat]( Watching an experienced modeler create a character from scratch is pure magic, but often it's a very technical job that involves a lot of planning and structure. In this document Angela Guenette shares her thoughts behind the character models for Cosmos, giving valuable insights into the whole process. Be sure to check out the amazing [Dragonfly model timelapse]( in the same folder. [![image](]( And that's it! If you find something great or create something new, we'd love to know! Share it with us in the comments below.