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Agent 327 - Training and documentation
01 Jun (updated 02 Jun) | by Francesco Siddi
Since the release of Agent 327: Operation Barbershop, the team has been busy working on extra content to share with our supporters here on the Blender Cloud! Next to our [extensive collection]( of character, assets and *actual shots from the film*, we are releasing a series of videos focused on various topics. Here are some of them: Pablo recorded a walkthrough of the opening sequence. Check out his video to discover all the details and love that went into the first seconds of the film, so that the audience could immediately feel immersed in the story. <a href=""><img src=";Expires=1506453676&amp;Signature=dBxUGE0gvMOPXyQps5hp%2BUEPSyzJJpGz9Y7Su3I4f604YvaF2dNAQTUq2j3yM5Pk1bWQsEoE8JPCjW0ZTespgn4fZK8tpslJGFTM9jVYh13Ct2w6050tRwz9aNr96s7kFSMnaRM%2FSOlmEFAf0Lnhw9YgZCm%2BSf2BNgwpp2yWsUsyw429Cq6nqW0EQ6GLM%2BlILXsVaCZ7UWMHKPI6Vct3IekBYkibkSQLejrvuLqdRZlN0anVgiewZhThWfN%2FfJ59lDG03XisUByYWx%2BZvB0FQIIGTFiyOF6Qozv0WFTNAz4ytMj22Cr%2FmZ9lm7k%2BoiRmt0qeYzr1ndJP3RvFXKruMA%3D%3D" alt="Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 14.54.20.png"/></a> Hjalti recorded a very detailed video about the creation of the choreography for the fight sequence. Here is a short preview (the full **1 hour and 20 minutes** version is available on [Blender Cloud]( <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Finally, Andy has also produced some excellent documentation on the design process of the Barbershop interior, as well as on the tools used to assemble shots and the organization of the assets and production files. <a href=""><img src=";Expires=1506453676&amp;Signature=Gv4ntEKlW6mq44Kx%2B1ttFAyg6JBZpld9XD9I4pEC9HAOpkfx9fKTbMXi8j5Oj41v82PoWmHO5g6T16G5PmSEs6WCfhyyhzI5sFHyC9I1mZ%2BDv%2Fp0XFtAoviO3pX7KUII6u0Av4o7%2B5pUcVfIACKfMXMR7PkU4A2CbpYmc2zSapScVSk4zKWnwFs9c6tjOhJ%2FZDy%2FTmB1MQ1P6OtDex8M0srbtYvCXxui9nhEZp6d02ee1CLSOTYuH46Qk5Y5JNkiVQTf%2B4NxEuQjhW6aYYOaVwdelOsFpyiqOzBwq%2Bmy9eVuNKfiZO9pOKtahkUz6Qg3FoWgDgYl7XGrqGDD0vYnlw%3D%3D" alt="bbs.png"/></a> ## Coming Soon: pipeline and production tools How did we use Blender Cloud to actually make the film? We will soon give an overview on how we have used Flamenco and Attract here on Blender Cloud to track the progress of the production and to manage our renders! If you have questions or suggestions about training and documentation for Agent 327, please let us know!