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Animation Feedback Session #1 "Look Friend"
29 Aug 2016 (updated 29 Aug 2016) | by Hjalti Hjalmarsson
As mentioned in a [previous post]( we've started our Animation Feedback Sessions and the winning entry (by popular vote) was by [Antonio J. López]( Hjalti went over the animation and gave feedback that covered a lot of aspects of animation. You can see the full video here: [![Imgur](]( ["Look Friend" Animation Feedback]( We're now looking for the next video for our Animation Feedback Sessions so please submit them as a comment to this post. The most upvoted video as of 12th of September 2016 (2 weeks from this post's date) will receive a feedback video from Hjalti. Rule clarification: Past submitted videos can be submitted again if they haven't already won a feedback session. Previous winners can participate but not with the same video that already won. Please check out our [previous post]( to see all the guidelines for submissions.