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April 2016 News
07 Apr 2016 (updated 07 Apr 2016) | by Francesco Siddi
April and May are going to be very interesting months! Last week we've successfully connected Blender to the Cloud, with a prototype add-on to browse and download online textures (check out a sneak peak below). That's fun, but it would be even more if you could upload and manage your own files in Cloud! Exactly that's being worked on now and it's very close to a first release. Within a week we'll post more information about asset and shot management features on the cloud blog. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Next week we will introduce our new animation reference character "Vincent". Designed by Matias Mendiola, modeled by Andy Goralczyk and currently being rigged by JP Bouza. Vincent will be part to the growing list of models in the Character Library, together with the newly added [Scales]( (baby dragon version), with updated rig, Cycles shaders by Pablo Vazquez and ready to be used in the latest Blender. Expect more Sintel characters next week! I am very happy to confirm that cloud subscriptions went up from 1750 in January to 1950 now. Each day new subscribers sign up. You know: more subscribers = more developers to work on Blender and more content being made and shared! Currently we're also working on two projects that will be revealed as a surprise later... One is about VR, and one is a new short film project! Stay tuned. Also, the Blender Institute Podcast will return next week as usual! --The Blender Cloud team--