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Cyber Monday and exclusive Agent 327 access
28 Nov 2016 (updated 28 Nov 2016) | by Francesco Siddi | Leave a comment
Today we celebrate Cyber Monday by offering a 50% discount on new recurring monthly Blender Cloud signups. To subscribe, simply visit Once you add the subscription to your cart, you'll see it magically become half the price! In every Open Movie production, we reach a point where the story is locked, shots get to final animation and lighting, sound is added, until the movie is suddenly done! In order to keep a surprise factor for the public, we share these updates with supporters only. Starting December 1st, the Agent 327 project will get this treatment, and only Blender Cloud subscribers will be able to browse the latest assets and updates. So, if you are already a subscriber, nothing will change. If you are not, join the Cloud and be part of our next adventure!