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Dataface, by The Mantissa
20 Jun (updated 20 Jun) | by Pablo Vazquez
> Some studies trying to convey the idea of who we are defined by the data that is available about us. Everywhere we go, many aspects of our life are logged, be it on the street or in your home. Midge Sinnaeve (AKA The Mantissa) has released a pack of 6 .blend files on his ever-growing Art Gallery folder on Blender Cloud. They are all CC-0, free to download and share, check them out! <a href=""><img src=";Expires=1506501120&amp;Signature=lRBmLBJtZ3ndSGuzFZc0MsJczEelBZu9XbFKFZ%2FCfD8f8DPe%2BIomZGOXcapBG1H%2FxA2KBUXvW4f6VforYLj7a8DRFHfPEccqqWmtIhelGsZX3grxRc31ds6PJ%2B3HeKF4JM2m29doUufKjy42hElwv4exkqY1YRIqS1TgUNCb4hyjJwPVF5447jKfUgnb0R2sSsA2e3z2qRs9RUNIjnDkQqGQchKJ%2FRtYpNkF7eqDTa710akqNf1Q6KAz9RhVDE509no3%2Fxcusb5sktoF54HT3zlfH3jk26k1mZGvdCaG0EmtwkAduGPZAevXdnVzPtd840DsPvZvBsx9vSOva5ReRA%3D%3D" alt="dataface_thumb.jpg"/></a>