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February 2016 news
04 Feb 2016 (updated 04 Feb 2016) | by Francesco Siddi
Last month we've published another short film: [Caminandes 3, Llamigos](! It's getting blazing positive reviews all over now. You can watch the film and download a lot of goodies on the [Blender Cloud project page](! On behalf of the entire crew I would like to say a sincere *thanks* to you. It's thanks to our Cloud subscribers that we are enabled to work on pushing Blender's limits, and even have heaps of fun while doing that! After having released Cosmos Laundromat, Glass Half and Caminandes 3 it's time for an animation film break. We've been neglecting our other duties too much - so the entire month of February will be devoted to updating the educational side of our Cloud work. More specifically that means: * Making-of documentary Caminandes Llamigos * Tutorials! Coming soon is a tutorial about grooming furry penguins, by Andy * Pipeline and project organisation docs and videos * Further work on the Character Library and Texture Library * Blenrig tutorials * Flexrig: a flexible cartoon-character set based on Glass Half And don't forget: Blender Cloud is also paying for Sergey Sharybin and Ton Roosendaal to work on Blender. And for myself: I'm still working on the back-end code for Blender Cloud, to make sure it's rock-stable and ready for adding and managing your own projects. This is a mid-term goal, but I hope we can show you shot list management in Cloud within a month or two! Next month more news, Francesco