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Introducing: Project Sharing
09 May 2016 (updated 09 May 2016) | by Francesco Siddi
A week ago we introduced the possibility, for subscribers, to create Private Projects here on the Blender Cloud. Now you can share your projects with other Cloud subscribers. To share a project, visit the edit section of the project and click on Sharing. There you will be able to search for the user (by nickname, full name or email) you want to share the project with. ![Project Sharing]( Once a user is added to the project, they will be able to create and edit all assets of that project. More refined access options (read-only access, public access) will be introduced later. This is the first of many steps towards making Blender Cloud a true collaboration and production management platform. Coming soon: Texture Library access within Blender! Please let us know in the comments or at if you encounter any problem or if you have any questions!