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July Texture Library Additions
05 Jul 2016 (updated 06 Jul 2016) | by Andy Goralczyk
Thanks to contributors [Lech Sokolowski]( and Sebastian Platen (he compiled textures from []( we have added a number of high resolution CC-0 Texture maps to our ever-growing collection: * **30 new PVC plastic maps** * **30 plant and leaf textures** * **50 wood patterns and surfaces** Most of these are seamless and include alpha and normal properties. ![image]( We also added over 80 various textures covering the areas of **wood, ground, buildings, walls, floors, miscellaneous props, doors and much more**. Specular, normal, displacement, it's all there! ![image]( Check out the new arrivals and more in the [Texture Library](, and don’t forget you can browse these (and your own!) textures within Blender using the [Blender Cloud Texture Add-on](