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Meet BOB, the Baby Bot that will melt your heart
26 Apr (updated 26 Apr) | by Francesco Siddi
The Blender Cloud Art Gallery hosts some fantastic artwork, and today we are proud to present the latest image from Kjartan Tysdal: Bob the Baby Bot! This artwork comes with some pretty great extra content: - Bob the Baby Bot, fully shaded and rigged model, ready for animation - 30 minutes of commentary video on the initial artwork development and the modeling process - high resolution images - all source files (textures from the Blender Cloud Texture Library) <a href=""><img src=";Expires=1506425512&amp;Signature=U8UNhnxw2FmTO7sxvlmRtwZM48CbfJtd7S5dLzFmIg0tpHNi36xyQFsAKZpD9RvJjcxKJAtAzx5LGljbqVvadBQwLEVA8hKoebFcl2UJk2KD0eiZk6gsNIbSZKEndr%2BTufQg2XYNFer24FHocU6rhyF9Ertn1DzWiyA%2BeSN9FPc8xviMBd6W5FK6HwQ%2FnQUen03YVrzpA2Dm5ADcAUdmvWa05afI0LDrjpY6FHJ8q%2B4lejEwToB%2FxkYtKcqBV0vkpMqkulUdXSdImNNYei0RKZc8BOneKc2aRaa43VGcadK8Ag9hKkiFW8mmcn8QEN1Woikh2j1F6VJZNd2azi8Hng%3D%3D" alt="bobTheRobot_projectFile.png"/></a> Get all this at the [blender cloud art gallery](!