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New additions to the Texture Library!
30 May 2016 (updated 30 May 2016) | by Andy Goralczyk
We just added over a hundred new high quality CC-0 maps to the [Texture Library](, thanks to contributors [Gleb Alexandrov]( and [Lech Sokolowski](! ###Gleb's awesome doors Fresh from Belarus comes a beautifully grungy set of doors, ready to be used as reference/backdrop/photo map at your leisure. ![image]( ###Lech's beautiful brick collection We are totally amazed by the quality and variety of these bricks. You not only get Diffuse, bump and specular, but also ID maps for coloring different brick patterns. There is a total of 102 unique brick textures. ![image]( ###More Concrete, Fabrics, Marble and Metals Various other types of material have been added as well. So much, that we had to create new categories for concrete and marble surfaces. ![image]( Check out the new arrivals and more in the [Texture Library](, and don't forget you can browse these (and your own!) textures within Blender using the [Blender Cloud Texture Add-on]( Go, create!