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New Release of Flamenco - Easier than Ever
2 weeks ago (updated 2 weeks ago) | by Dr. Sybren
Today, a new version of Flamenco Server, Manager, and Worker introduces a new way to install & use Flamenco. The Manager can now enter "setup mode", in which it's very simple to **link it to Blender Cloud with only a few clicks**! This mode is started automatically when you don't have a configuration file yet, making it even easier to get started. ![Flamenco Manager's new web-based setup]( "Flamenco Manager's new web-based setup") Furthermore, we've changed the way we package Flamenco Manager and Worker so that it's a matter of **extracting a package and running the executable**. No more installation of MongoDB is required (we bundle it for you), and you don't even need to install Python any more. Workers can now also find the Manager running on your network by using UPnP/SSDP autodiscovery. That means even less configuration to get things up and running. Download [Flamenco Manager & Worker]( and get started today!