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Two cloud projects selected in SIGGRAPH festival
19 May 2016 (updated 19 May 2016) | by Ton Roosendaal
We now have the official confirmation that both <b>Cosmos Laundromat</b> and <b>Glass Half</b> have been selected for the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater 2016! This festival is a 2 hour screening highlighting the outstanding achievements in 3D animation and CG of the past year. In past years, Sintel and Caminandes were selected for the festival too, but not for the Electronic Theater. Only the best goes there, so we're incredible happy with the honours to shine with our work amidst of Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney, ILM, Blueskey, Illumination and other giants. We'll post an update when the final selection gets published on the SIGGRAPH site. Last year's line-up: