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Waking the Forest - Now in the Art Gallery
22 Mar (updated 22 Mar) | by Francesco Siddi
The Blender Cloud Art Gallery expands with more outstanding artwork from Andy Goralczyk! We are happy to present *Waking the Forest*. <a href=""><img src=";Expires=1506462096&amp;Signature=aQbWrR13SexXDqESuitVBCFnE4NICBaxElq9sgbTHxsCWsXwM9sUfpCHk4eGPZN80PmNCTdGhwFRp5CZwIHB1V0lPWWKJdFN%2F5qItnT3d9NNzXU%2BDWnpngEWNwqg4lwvI9PajcofwhJOMbEZj7OwYeh6ZRzoDn9wzxQVNhObF0F9a2wsHGlYr%2BNN2403NdxxZ5G%2B4aA8D4J8fkdcbxA8Cz6idaCL%2Bro3zxALCG0mTOxIKkReKNu1VmadCXZ1jsug56QF8VKOC7%2BKPx%2BxsP7AuI%2F3g7gYQwgBHJPWD5lXb%2FmRX9RnTpaKj5pCKgIyo%2FjqJ1UifCZLHXI8t1rGRjAR1A%3D%3D" alt="waking_forest_details.jpg"/></a> This inspiring image is available in the Blender Cloud Art Gallery along with: - 5 hours of commented time lapse - high resolution images - all source files (textures, shaders, and the .blend) Get all this on []( and let us know if you have any feedback!