Follow the ongoing progress of the Barbershop fight scene, an animation test for the Agent 327 project. Release in March 2017.
  • Weekly #38

    Weekly 38 is when things start to get real. Actually not, there are still several weeks of work ahead of us! It ... read more

    Post · 01 Feb byFrancesco Siddi
  • Test render - 13_07_A

    Image · 30 Jan byAndy Goralczyk
  • Weekly #36

    We are back with the weeklies in 2017. Animation production continues, with Nathan working on a new sequence, ... read more

    Post · 17 Jan byFrancesco Siddi
  • Timelapse: Lion Sculpting

    Timelapse sculpting demo of the lion statue

    Video · 12 Dec 2016 byKjartan Tysdal
  • Weekly #32

    Welcome to our weekly progress report on the work on Agent 327 Barbershop! The edit did not change much since ... read more

    Post · 06 Dec 2016 byFrancesco Siddi
  • Agent 327 Layout v16c

    Video · 21 Nov 2016 byPablo Vazquez
  • Barber - updated expression renders

    Hjalti updated the expression library for the Barber. Here is an updated render.

    Image · 21 Nov 2016 byAndy Goralczyk
  • Looking for temp animator (in Amsterdam)

    To help Hjalti with the Barbershop, we're temporarily expanding our team with at least one experienced ... read more

    Post · 03 Aug 2016 byTon Roosendaal
  • Annecy tradeshow visit

    Blender Institute presented Agent 327 on the annual MIFA tradeshow, part of the Annecy festival. We've made a ... read more

    Post · 04 Aug 2016 byTon Roosendaal
  • New project: Agent 327, Barbershop Test

    In February and March we've caught up with tutorials and other content duties in Cloud. This will continue in ... read more

    Post · 13 Apr 2016 byTon Roosendaal
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