Blender Institute is currently developing its first animated feature film, based on the celebrated Dutch comic character Agent 327. This adventurous comedy is targeted at an international market.

Thanks to the Blender open source project, known by millions of people, we have a large network of artists and developers world-wide. We've pioneered crowd-funding and are self-supportive thanks to an innovative cloud platform. Blender Institute seeks for additional funding to kickstart the production in the Netherlands of a high-end 3D animated CG feature film.

Hendrik IJzerbroot – Agent 327 – is a secret agent working for the Netherlands secret service agency. In the twenty comic books that were published since 1968, Martin Lodewijk created a rich universe with international conspiracies, hilarious characters and a healthy dose of Dutch humour.

As a pitch to film distributors or investors (and funds) we are currently working on the film story and on a 2.5 minute animation test, "Barbershop". In this short film we see our hero entering a barbershop, looking for a secret, where he gets engaged in a brutal fight with his arch enemy Boris Kloris.

The expected release date of "Barbershop" is early April 2017.

Agent 327 Barbershop

  • Original comics by: Martin Lodewijk
  • Directed by: Colin Levy and Hjalti Hjalmarsson
  • Producer: Ton Roosendaal
  • Animation: Hjalti Hjalmarsson, Peer Lemmers, Nathan Dillow
  • Art and design: Andy Goralczyk, Beau Dreier Grigoor, Kjartan Tysdal, Pablo Vazquez
  • Production coordinator: Francesco Siddi
  • Character rigging: Juan Pablo Bouza
  • Software support: Dalai Felinto, Sergey Sharybin, Sybren Stuvel

Contact email address: ton@blender.studio


Agent 327: Operation Barbershop is released under CC-BY-ND license.

You are free to:

  • Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format for any purpose, even commercially.

Under the following conditions:

  • Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.
  • No Derivatives — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material.
Updated 03 Apr 2018