Animation Fundamentals

Have you ever wanted to get started with character animation? Using Blender? Keep reading.

The animation team at Blender Animation Studio is producing a “learn by example” course that will gradually introduce you to the core principles of character animation, starting from a simple bouncing ball, all the way up to full-featured character acting.

Training outline

Here is an overview of the training. Each topic will be presented as a walkthrough of a fully animated shot, where the animator will break down the key steps of the animation process. The source files for each step will be available along the video.

  • Introduction to the training
  • Principles of Animation
  • Workflow and Terminology
  • Bouncing Basics (Simple Bouncing Ball, Sideways Bouncing Ball)
  • Drag And Follow Through, Single swing
  • Creating Personality, Single jump
  • Walking Biped, Walking vanilla
  • Basic Body Mechanics, Jump
  • Advanced Body Mechanics, Weight shift
  • Character Pantomime, Walking
  • Character Acting

This is an ever-expanding training, expect more chapters and examples to be added in the future!

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