BlenRig 5 is an Auto-Rigging and Skinning system for Blender. The project started back in 2007 and has had several public releases since then. One of the main objectives of BlenRig is to give the users the possibility to rig their own characters obtaining high quality results, no matter what level of expertise they may have.

With a predefined body deformation system and an advanced facial rig, BlenRig 5 is able to deliver production level characters.

Used in Feature films, Blender Open movies and short films, BlenRig 5 is finally open to the world!

BlenRig development is constantly on going, so you can check for updates in the blog.

Drop us a comment in the blog if you have any question, feedback or suggestion!

##About Juan Pablo Bouza Juan began using Blender in 2006, and started the BlenRig project as a way to retribute to the community all the freedom that Blender and Open Source Software gave him. Although he is a 3D generalist, he is mostly known for being a Character TD, and worked in several Argentinian Feature Films, as well as in the latest Blender Open Movies.

  • BlenRig Update 1.02

    I'm glad to announce that BlenRig 5 Ver. 1.02 is out. Get it from The Blender Cloud or from Gitlab Although it... read more

    Post · 29 Jun 2016 byJuan Pablo Bouza
  • free
    Posing Vincent

    Video · 02 Nov 2016 byHjalti Hjalmarsson
  • Vincent Timelapse & BlenRig Docs

    As you may already know, Vincent is a new FREE character available in the Characters Library of the Blender... read more

    Post · 19 May 2016 byJuan Pablo Bouza
  • free
    Vincent Timelapse 01

    First part of Vincent's rigging process by Juan Pablo Bouza, using BlenRig 5

    Video · 19 May 2016 byJuan Pablo Bouza
  • BlenRig 5 T01 - Ch01

    RE-TARGETING THE BODY Learn how to re-target the body controls of BlenRig to fit your character.

    Video · 15 Mar 2016 byJuan Pablo Bouza
  • BlenRig 5 Tutorials are arriving!

    The first chapter of BlenRig Tutorial 01 has been published! This first tutorial consists of 14 chapters in... read more

    Post · 12 Mar 2016 byJuan Pablo Bouza
  • BlenRig public release

    BlenRig is an Auto-rigging and skinning system that provides the user of a Feature Film quality rig (including... read more

    Post · 03 Apr byJuan Pablo Bouza
  • free

    With this 37-page-long introduction guide you'll be able to get started with BlenRig. Topics covered are:... read more

    File · 21 Apr 2016 byJuan Pablo Bouza
  • free
    BlenRig - Official Release (V1.02)

    This is the official master release of BlenRig, an auto-rigging and skinning system that provides users with a... read more

    File · 28 Jun 2016 byJuan Pablo Bouza
  • Blenrig - Small update on the GUI

    Here's just a little update about what I've been working on this week. Basically, I've been shaping BlenRig's... read more

    Post · 03 Apr byJuan Pablo Bouza
  • 4 things you should know about Mesh Deform

    The Mesh Deform modifier uses a deformation technique called “Harmonic Coordinates” deformation, which was... read more

    Post · 03 Apr byJuan Pablo Bouza
  • Penguins and bones

    In order to rig the penguins from Caminandes 3, I used the current prototype of BlenRig 5 auto-rigging system.... read more

    Post · 03 Apr byJuan Pablo Bouza
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