Character Animation

Released in 2008. This classic training by William Reynish covers all aspects of computer-based character animation including workflow, acting, posing, keyframes, weight, walks & runs and overlapping action, through a series of video tutorials that are easy to follow and allow you to stop and start playback whenever you want.

The training has the following chapters:

  • Blender 101, a great introduction to Blender (old, based on 2.47, but some concepts are the same)
  • Workflow, overview of the process of animation.
  • Rattline Bones, introduction to the free rigs.
  • Get in Role, about rigging.
  • Acting for Animators, learn how to make characters come alive.
  • Posing, tips for sketching and planning.
  • Keys and Breakdowns, about key frame managing.
  • Weight, making your character more believable.
  • Walk in the Park, walkcycle techniques.
  • Run! Running cycles tips.
  • Arc Enemy, learn to polish animation using arcs.
  • Flip-Flop, getting rid of the robot-feel using overlapping actions.
  • The Big Picture, a recap of all techniques.
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