Witness a complete shot being created from start to end - by the very well known Blender artist Andy Goralczyk.
  • Eyes

    Setting up the eyes.

    Video · 14 Nov 2015 byAndy Goralczyk
  • Turntable Light Setup

    Casting your creature in the right light.

    Video · 24 Sep 2015 byAndy Goralczyk
  • Baking the Final Color Map

    Setting your changes.

    Video · 24 Sep 2015 byAndy Goralczyk
  • Files

    Rigged creature model, rigged creature from the first CF (converted to Cycles), and the turntable scene.

    File · 11 Apr byAndy Goralczyk
  • Custom Brushes

    Used for texturing the creature.

    File · 24 Sep 2015 byAndy Goralczyk
  • free

    A quick look at what's inside Creature Factory 2.

    Video · 23 Dec 2015 byAndy Goralczyk
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