Released in 2006, this is widely known as the first open movie ever. Elephants Dream has put Blender on the radar for many pros.
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    Elephants Dream - 10 years of open movies

    Elephants Dream premiered exactly 10 years ago, on March 24th 2006 in an Amsterdam cinema, with a memorable ... read more

    Video · 24 Mar 2016 byFrancesco Siddi
  • Voices Rehearsal

    Tygo Gernandt (Proog) and Cas Jansen (Emo) rehearsing. Recording the actors perform is great for animators to use as reference.

    Video · 11 Sep 2015 byFrancesco Siddi
  • Pre-production

    Back in July 2005, the Elephants Dream (back then Orange project) team gathered in Amsterdam for pre-production. CC-BY: Joeri Kassenaar

    Video · 02 Jul 2016 byjoeri
  • Making Of Documentary

    This half hour documentary takes you through the process of making the first Open Movie project.

    Video · 31 Oct 2015 byFrancesco Siddi
  • Final Poster

    Poster at full resolution in PNG format.

    Image · 18 Sep 2015 byFrancesco Siddi
  • Blend File

    This is the .blend file used to create the poster. It contains an exclusive updated version of Emo and Proog, ... read more

    File · 11 Sep 2015 byFrancesco Siddi
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