Learn by example - Documentation & source files of the best Blender artwork out there.

Featuring artwork by Gleb Alexandrov and Daniel M. Lara (pepeland)

  • BCon 17 Main Title - blend files

    The full render setup for the Main Title Animation with assets, animations & textures.

    File · 07 Nov 2017 byJulien Kaspar
  • Kjartan Tysdal

    Meet BOB the Robot.

    Group · 26 May 2017 byKjartan Tysdal
  • Workshop Videos

    Waking the Forest is the latest artwork by Andy Goralczyk. This inspiring image is available along with: 5... read more

    Group · 23 Feb byAndy Goralczyk
  • free
    Scape Scenes

    Group · 10 Jun 2017 byFrancesco Siddi
  • free

    Animation made with Grease Pencil v2 https://vimeo.com/channels/greasepencil/187102346 Grease 2.0... read more

    File · 09 Nov 2016 byDaniel Martinez Lara
  • free
    Heads made with Grease Pencil v2

    Grease 2.0 https://builder.blender.org/download/ Wiki -... read more

    File · 09 Nov 2016 byDaniel Martinez Lara
  • free
    Daniel M. Lara - Pepeland

    Group · 09 Nov 2016 byDaniel Martinez Lara
  • Attic Close-up

    By Gleb Alexandrov. Being boring is no good. With the dappled light you will breathe life into renders that... read more

    File · 03 Jan byGleb Alexandrov
  • Locomotives

    By Gleb Alexandrov. Making of Steampunk Locomotive in Blender Have you ever tried to create an epic steampunk... read more

    File · 19 Feb byGleb Alexandrov
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