Exploring cartoon animation and rendering in Blender's viewport - this 2015 short film looks fantastic in HD and even 4k.
  • Mouth Rig

    Hjalti goes over the mouth rig he made for the Glass Half open movie project.

    Video · 02 Nov 2016 byHjalti Hjalmarsson
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    Hjalti's Animation Breakdown

    Using two extreme poses, animator Hjalti Hjalmarsson shows how to animate and plan a shot - and especially how ... read more

    Video · 13 Nov 2015 byTon Roosendaal
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    Glass Half

    The HD version of Glass Half.

    Video · 27 Nov 2015 byTon Roosendaal
  • Production Files

    The full production SVN repository export for the Glass Half project.

    File · 04 Apr 2016 byFrancesco Siddi
  • Open GL wine glass rig

    This week I did some tweaks to the wine glasses, including adding a highlight that works in open GL.

    File · 21 Oct 2015 byFrancesco Siddi
  • free

    Cute little assets to populate one of Min's frames.

    File · 04 Jul 2016 byFrancesco Siddi
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