Welcome to your one stop for all things Grease Pencil! Here you will find everything you need from links to training, samples .blend files, and more.

New in Blender 2.83 Grease Pencil

Quick Demoreel

Blender Download Page

Remember that you need a decent graphic card to have a good user experience to work with Grease Pencil.

Blender 2.83 (Grease Pencil more advanced features)

Quick Introduction

Learn by Example

Is it scary to start with an empty scene? Try these .blend files provided by the community to study their workflow.


Grease Pencil Fundamentals Course


RANDOM tips & tricks

Unleash the power of Grease Pencil with this bite size tutorials


Showroom Videos

These videos are great to see (and share) the potential of Grease Pencil used in different environments.

GP vimeo.JPG

Or maybe, are you new in Blender?

So check this useful getting started Youtube playlist

More Great Tuts And Showcases By Blender Users

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