"Hero" a Blender '2D' open movie project, directed by Daniel M Lara.This is the 6th short film funded by the Blender Cloud.

This project is aimed at improving the Grease Pencil tools and make them production ready in Blender 2.8. Read the full announcement on the blog. You can also check (in the menu left) a couple of intriguing art files.

###The project

  • Working title: Hero
  • Duration 2 minutes
  • Work period: September 2017 - March 2018
  • Released as Creative Commons Attribution in Blender Cloud
  • Trailer announcement and updates

    The production of Hero is well on the way. Over 80% of the shots are now final, and we are happy to confirm... read more

    Post · last Wednesday byDaniel Martinez Lara
  • Play with the new version of Grease Pencil!

    Get Blender 2.8 - Grease Pencil branch The Blender 2.8 branch of Grease Pencil (greasepencil-object) can be... read more

    Post · 24 Jan byDaniel Martinez Lara
  • Backgrounds Explorations

    One of the weaknesses of "Hero" project is the preproduction in backgrounds, the one month of preprpduction was... read more

    Post · 19 Jan byDaniel Martinez Lara
  • Bcon Grease Pencil Talks

    Every year the Blender Conference Is a great event , a nice place to meet a lot interesting people and get... read more

    Post · 08 Nov 2017 byDaniel Martinez Lara
  • Grease Pencil Talk in 3D Wire Festival

    Last week I made a presentation and a couple of interviews of "Hero" project in 3D Wire festival celebrated in... read more

    Post · 12 Oct 2017 byDaniel Martinez Lara
  • "Hero" Storyboard Sprint and Team Warm UP

    Javier and Me made the storyboard sprint week, it was so intense and so fruitful, at the same time, the team... read more

    Post · 05 Oct 2017 byDaniel Martinez Lara
  • Setup!

    The last week our great handyman Victor Remolina (@tharkos ) was very busy tuning the new server and the new... read more

    Post · 26 Sep 2017 byDaniel Martinez Lara
  • Hero, a Blender 2D open movie project

    Today we announce "Hero", the latest Open Movie project -the 6th already- funded by the Blender Cloud. As usual... read more

    Post · 21 Sep 2017 byTon Roosendaal
  • HERO_01.png

    Image · 08 Jan byDaniel Martinez Lara
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