Hero, a Blender 2D open movie project
14 Sep (updated 21 Sep) | by Ton Roosendaal | Leave a comment
Today we announce "Hero", the latest Open Movie project -the 6th already- funded by the Blender Cloud. As usual for Open Movie shorts, we select a strong artist (or team) with artistic vision, and let them push Blender's limits with help of a development team. The team will do this by weekly updating progress in Blender Cloud, blog posts and tutorials. For the first time however, the director and his team will work remotely (not at the Blender Institute). The technical target for "Hero" is to **use and improve the Grease Pencil tools** from the Blender 2.8 branch - to make them production ready and to show everyone how to make compelling 2D animation film in a 3D environment. Daniel Lara has established a great name in this area, leading the design and direction of what started as a 2d/3d annotation and storyboarding tool. This is going to be a new highlight for Blender and the Blender Cloud. <a href="https://storage.googleapis.com/59b972b1f14e9a03431078e8/_%2Fa304321f870040708d5016936f388531-l.jpg?GoogleAccessId=956532172770-27ie9eb8e4u326l89p7b113gcb04cdgd%40developer.gserviceaccount.com&amp;Expires=1508826581&amp;Signature=kOiQHZ9dDdlP7BLbzkvY3Kga7ntSMlpQH7XnB32EnKoFuOTFhqWfDzRa1rUirx%2FjtmkQBwgaYYNgWQ9bYxrpUNPd7jgvEsyJUCA8xnx6PqLgiafNzIoyABlJghOidggf3EyxUAhss0nfyiVuo3XxbdHLYxtfTZBHuomXo3tnZpuVlMF4mU4pUTQzCaeqJM7k4BPJ3nHDHUvfsdiTsBz7B1i9F%2FYzWsmJkbobyRStXNFgsDkvFNq1DSoVfwOAQGGJNiZiS3jolxAizxppO8mHu4yNTYwHOT%2BH449TfHzGf5oEeU5x0r%2BNcYkqnE14Tul1S3RT1F%2BJWCe2050%2FSd4uRQ%3D%3D"><img src="https://storage.googleapis.com/59b972b1f14e9a03431078e8/_%2Fa304321f870040708d5016936f388531-l.jpg?GoogleAccessId=956532172770-27ie9eb8e4u326l89p7b113gcb04cdgd%40developer.gserviceaccount.com&amp;Expires=1508826581&amp;Signature=kOiQHZ9dDdlP7BLbzkvY3Kga7ntSMlpQH7XnB32EnKoFuOTFhqWfDzRa1rUirx%2FjtmkQBwgaYYNgWQ9bYxrpUNPd7jgvEsyJUCA8xnx6PqLgiafNzIoyABlJghOidggf3EyxUAhss0nfyiVuo3XxbdHLYxtfTZBHuomXo3tnZpuVlMF4mU4pUTQzCaeqJM7k4BPJ3nHDHUvfsdiTsBz7B1i9F%2FYzWsmJkbobyRStXNFgsDkvFNq1DSoVfwOAQGGJNiZiS3jolxAizxppO8mHu4yNTYwHOT%2BH449TfHzGf5oEeU5x0r%2BNcYkqnE14Tul1S3RT1F%2BJWCe2050%2FSd4uRQ%3D%3D" alt="HERO_01.png"/></a> About the film we now only share this premise: "Hero" is a two minute animation where our protagonist must face a crucial test: what does it mean to be a true hero? You can also check (in the menu left) a couple of intriguing art files. More info will be available soon.
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