## A comprehensive guide to motion graphics techniques using Blender. This course is split up in to two parts: * __Workflow:__ These videos follow the production of the Blenderman project. It is recommended to have a look at the source files as well for a more comprehensive lesson. * __Techniques:__ This set of tutorials deconstructs 4 separate shots with various effects to demonstrate the many ways you can create interesting visuals. Please note that some basic Blender knowledge is required for this course. Thanks to Juri Unt for the Blenderman model I was able to download from the Blender Cloud. [CG Strive](https://www.cgstrive.com) As well as Marlon Sinnaeve for providing the music used in both the promo and Blenderman videos. [Soundcloud](https://soundcloud.com/marlonsinnaeve) If you want to find more of my stuff here's where to look: [Blog](https://www.themantissa.net) - [Twitter](https://twitter.com/the_mantissa) - [Instagram](https://instagram.com/the__mantissa) - [YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/user/T4ch1k0ma)
  • T02b - Particle Scattering

    Once you've created the separate elements, it's time to combine to them. Blender's particle system allows you... read more

    Video · 03 Apr byMidge Sinnaeve
  • 05b - CPU vs GPU Rendering

    The great debate of CPU vs GPU rendering. I break it down into very simple considerations when deciding on... read more

    Video · 03 Apr byMidge Sinnaeve
  • 03d - Creative Color Management

    Generally, color management isn't used for color correction. However, there's nothing wrong with trying things... read more

    Video · 03 Apr byMidge Sinnaeve
  • 03b - Procedural Mesh Effects with Modifiers

    Blender's modifiers are powerful tools for creating complex mesh effects. Try thinking outside the box when... read more

    Video · 03 Apr byMidge Sinnaeve
  • Workflow Reference (Blenderman)

    The final result of the Blenderman project. Big thanks to Juri Unt (cgstrive.com) for the Blenderman model!... read more

    Video · 03 Apr byMidge Sinnaeve
  • free
    Intro Video (Watch this first!)

    Blender Motion Graphics A quick overview of the Blender Motion Graphics course. The tutorial videos are split... read more

    Video · 04 Apr byMidge Sinnaeve
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