A poetic fantasy film

Spring is the first Blender Open Movie directed and written by Andy Goralczyk. It's a poetic short film about a mountain spirit and her little dog. Together they bring spring to the valleys after a long and dark winter in the mountains. The film's art direction is in the hands of David Revoy - who worked on three of our short films as concept artist before. For Spring we'll stay very close to David's creative universe - presenting a universe influenced by European and Asian folk tales and myths.

Aligned with Blender 2.8

The 7 minutes film will be made possible thanks to Blender Cloud subscribers, and will be produced by the studio of Blender Institute in Amsterdam. Production time is predicted to be 8-9 months, aligning the film with work on Blender 2.8. Just like how Sintel made 2.5x stable, we will use work on Spring to give Blender 2.8 a full production test before it gets officially released.

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