Tears of Steel is a live-action/CGI short film by producer Ton Roosendaal and director/writer Ian Hubert. It chronicles a meeting between two people, recreated from the past, in attempt to stop the present robot apocalypse.

  • Casting the Actors

    Vanja Rukavina as Thom, and Denise Rebergen as Celia.

    Video · 25 Apr 2016 byPablo Vazquez
  • Quit Blender - Behind the Scenes

    Exclusive look behind the scenes of 'Quit Blender', a small short movie the team made in a week to test the workflow.

    Video · 25 Apr 2016 byPablo Vazquez
  • Compositing Breakdowns

    Take a deeper look at the breakdowns behind some of the trickiest CGI shots.

    Video · 02 Jul 2016 byFrancesco Siddi
  • Making Of: Throw it in the Canal

    This 45-minute documentary follows the making of Project Mango, aka Tears of Steel, in found-footage style.

    Video · 25 Apr 2016 byFrancesco Siddi
  • free
    Tears of Steel

    Watch the full Tears of Steel movie.

    Video · 06 Feb 2017 byFrancesco Siddi
  • Quadbot

    You can download and use the awesome quadbot model yourself!

    File · 08 Aug 2016 byFrancesco Siddi
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