In this training series, we explore the various aspects of toon-shading, starting from the concept art all the way to render. We will explore what kind of characters will work, what colors to choose for your shading, and what kind of animation is possible. The concept art, modeling, rigging, shading, animation, and rendering will be guided by Dillon Gu, creator of Katsu Cats.

  • 01 - Basics of Animation in Blender

    Here we will talk about how to navigate the Animation workspace in Blender, as well as some animation basics.

    Video · 05 Jan 2017 byDillon Gu
  • 01 - The Toon Shader, pt. 1

    In this tutorial, we will create a base black-and-white version of the toon-style material that we'll be reusing for the rest of the character.

    Video · 22 Dec 2016 byDillon Gu
  • 02 - Weight Painting

    Here we do some fine tuning for the rig. By manually weight painting, we have a bit more control over the influence of each bone on the geometry.

    Video · 08 Dec 2016 byDillon Gu
  • 01 - Rigify Rigging, pt. 3

    Time to start the rigging process. We begin with the body using the Rigify addon in Blender.

    Video · 05 Dec 2016 byDillon Gu
  • 03 - The Head, Hat, and Scarf, pt. 2

    Here we will continue with our modeling of the hat and scarf. We will be learning a little about how to... read more

    Video · 06 Dec 2016 byDillon Gu
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